The Seer: A Poem

A poem for our present time. Since last week, the controversy of vision has been on my mind, sparked of course by a controversy about an organization committed to vision.

We become so divided by the ways we see. The only meditation I would offer are these words.



I see them over the ridge

Father says they are strange

Mother says the word has other meanings

like when it’s said to me


Our leaders have gone out to parley

But the priests have not joined in

Father says if they did he would ignore their tax

Mother says they would starve

and I’ve seen them share food with the orphans


Father says that my vision is failing

Mother says there is no such thing

She said the same about death

until sister


I see them over the ridge

Father says we’ve had enemies before

Mother says she gives bread to the prisoners

but I’ve never seen one up close


If they cross the plain, how will I tell us apart?


I hold my breath

I’ve seen one set foot on the ridge

She is small, like me

I gasp!

It is my sister!


Father says he saw a corpse

Mother says she saw a ghost

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