Spring 2014

I got into filmmaking because I always loved to write. I started this blog back in 2013 as a way to organize my thoughts. It was an experiment, a free one, and over time I saw how much it helped me think to write things down, to publish them and invite dialog, and even sometimes to express original pieces of poetry or photography.

This year, 2015, I’m hoping to transition this blog into a more focused project and begin practicing more criticism like I’ve been playing around with since the start. My goal is to post more regularly about film, literature, or other arts, digging into style and form or unpacking themes from my own perspective (an amalgamation of maleness, whiteness, continental philosophy/critical theory, materialism, sacramental Christianity, etc.). I hope my thoughts will prove interesting, or at least challenging in some vaguely positive way.


In closing, of all things, a glossary (terms I rely on).

gelassenheit –”releasement” and “letting go” of our fears and our desire for power and control. When you let go, you are ready to receive all the beauty and grace which the world, angst-ridden as it may be, is prepared to gift to you. The word as I take it comes from Heidegger. In his philosophy, Heidegger sees the world as open to infinite possibilities; it is only as we move into the future that single possibilities turn into what actually happens. For us people stuck in the middle of this movement, life often seems to be out of our control (which it is) and many of the possibilities we face bring us anxiety. It takes a lifetime to learn how to live in such a world with peace (although I’ll warrant that the Tao Te Ching can speed up that process), but the first step is “to let be.”

“The Noise” – Most of us live amidst “the noise.” Everywhere we turn: we are bombarded. Advertisements, art works, opinions, debates, news. Each of these can be deafening in their own right. Together, they can conjure memories of first learning to swim. (I go into more detail here.)


I hope you enjoy and reach out to me in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter (@davidbwitwer29). I’m also on Vimeo, of course.



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