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Poesy: A Poem


I stare at fog in the valley.

The air is crisp without

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The Seer: A Poem

A poem for our present time. Since last week, the controversy of vision has been on my mind, sparked of course by a controversy about an organization committed to vision.

We become so divided by the ways we see. The only meditation I would offer are these words.



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Straight: A poem

My last poem was one I wrote a few years ago. Today, I’m publishing my recent poem, which I am currently adapting into a short film. It’s called:


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Elegiac: A poem

Not long ago I published some photography on the blog. It was the first time I made my art public here; today I want to continue the evolution of Gelassenheit into a creative blog with a poem and a picture. The poem is one I’ve had for a few years; I’ve always wanted to publish it and once I almost sent it to a literary journal. But I think it means more here, and so I’m publishing it today. I hope it stands as an enjoyment and a challenge. There’s nothing more to be said, so here it is. It’s called:


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