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St. Vincent (2014)

Imagine Gran Torino (2008) with Bill Murry in for Clint Eastwood and NYC in for Detroit.

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The Mysteries of Marriage


Photo credit – Emily Waid Photography, 2012


Each person is fully gathered and reflected in the mode of the other: as other, as community and unity at once.

David Bentley Hart, The Beauty of the Infinite

Today, while reading David Bentley Hart on the Divine Fellowship of the Trinity, I began to think about marriage. Now, I imagine this train of thought was brought on by my own marriage which is just over a month away. At certain points this summer, I have lamented that I have not undertaken a more thorough theological study of marriage as preparation. Still, today I have received a rush of thoughts on a theological understanding of marriage, which I will offer as well as I can (not having formally studied the matter) below. Continue reading

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